White condiment

Our white condiment was born of the union between cooked grape must and white wine vinegar: this simple marriage creates a delicious balance of flavours, simultaneously sweet and bitter, gentle and fresh, perfect as an alternative to balsamic.


Well balanced, it marries perfectly with many recipes, especially those based on fish and white meat, where the clear tone will not alter the colour of the dish.

Size availability

Octagonal bottle 250 ml
Bottle cesena 250 ml
Spray 250 ml


Fruity condiments


At the right moment of maturation, we carefully select the sweetest and juiciest fruits: we mix them and leave them to settle to obtain a natural condiment. Only grape must, aged wine vinegar and real fruit purée, processed as minimally as possible, to preserve all of the original characteristics.


Available in the following flavours: fig, pomegranate and cherry. Try them all!


A natural and genuine taste with a delicate and sweet aftertaste to try in combination with many dishes, from prawns to salmon carpaccio, from sweet and sour vegetables and salads to cheeses.

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