Acetaia Fini Modena

Our long tradition begins in 1912


Right in the heart of Modena, Telesforo Fini, a former delicatessen apprentice who loved good food and the small pleasures of daily life, founded a family-run speciality shop that soon rendered both his name and its products famous all over the world.

Only the best of Emilian tradition for its customers.

Goodness beneath the porticos


The quality of the bottega’s products and the great expertise of Giuditta, wife of Telesforo, gave life to a recipe-book of inestimable value. In their little dispensary beneath the porticos, they also sold the family’s own balsamic vinegar, produced from their vinegar works. But it was Giulietta, daughter of Telesforo and Giuditta, who truly developed a passion for it, studying and refining the recipe that was to form the foundations of their current activities.

Today, Acetaia FINI Modena is one of the most prestigious companies in its sector, present in over 45 countries.
But despite its widespread diffusion and numerous productions, the company remains close to our land, our story, and to the original recipes that we continue to use.

Elegance, innovation and tradition


An indispensable tradition, and pride that even extends to our wooden casks, which date right back to the 1700s and which we guard jealously in our vinegar works.

Every phase of production is scrupulously followed, and close attention is given to every detail: from prime materials, selected and checked in our modern laboratories, to packaging.

We want to offer you something good, something that also has a story to tell

Day after day we renew our precious legacy with regards to the environment: production processes that are increasingly sustainable, reduced consumption, recuperation of waste and clean energy generated by our photovoltaic system. Because we know that we can’t exist without our environment.

From the largest numbers to the smallest details, from the smallest bottle to the grand television studios of Masterchef…

…our timeless recipe, synonymous with the excellence of Modenese food.

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